Classic Aperol Spritz

classic Aperol Spritz recipe

We’re going to Italy this summer so I’m celebrating with this classic Aperol spritz recipe! Aperol spritzers are ultra-refreshing, not too sweet, fizzy cocktails.

A real Aperol spritz tastes like summer in Italy and looks like a golden-orange sunset. I now enjoy taking a sip on our veranda overlooking our overgrown front yard and later overlooking the Italian Riviera.

Aperol Spritz ingredients

The Aperol Spritz has been in the limelight for the past week since the New York Times boldly declared, “The Aperol Spritz is not a good drink.” Grub Street replied that “the entire internet agrees that Aperol Spritz is indeed good”.

On the one hand, I think the Aperol Spritz is delightful. Both articles are based on the assumption that you’ve tried an Aperol spritz. What if you didn’t? I agree that we can all do some this weekend and decide for ourselves.

Pour Prosecco into Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz ingredients

These cocktails require four basic ingredients plus ice.

1) Aperol

Only Aperol will do here. Aperol is a bright orange aperitif. The brand describes the flavors as “piquant orange with complex herbal scents that harmonize with a hint of vanilla”. Look for Aperol near the liquors or Amaros in the liquor store.

2) Prosecco

Prosecco is an inexpensive Italian sparkling wine that is similar to Spanish cava or French champagne. I recommend choosing one dry (brut) Prosecco for you to drink doesn’t turn out too syrupy or sweet. Good choices range from $ 12 to $ 18.

3) Club Soda

For a carbonated dilution. Unflavored sparkling water will work. For this purpose I have cans of sparkling water in my pantry.

4) Fresh orange slice

You can skip this if you don’t have it, but a slice of orange is the classic side dish for an Aperol spritz.

how to make Aperol Spritz

How to make an Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz cocktails are incredibly easy to prepare. No cocktail shaker or fancy equipment required!

You simply fill a wine glass with ice and then add aperol, prosecco, lemonade and a slice of orange.

Watch how to make an Aperol Spritz

This is how you set up your Aperol Spritz

The generally accepted ratio is equal parts Aperol and Prosecco plus a splash of club soda. However, you can play around with the ratio until your Aperol spritz tastes exactly the way you like it. I like mine with a little more Prosecco than Aperol.

Make it less bitter

Aperol’s bitter notes can take some getting used to, so you can reduce the bitterness by using less Aperol and more Prosecco.

Make it less juicy

As written, your Aperol Spritz has an alcohol content of around 11% by volume (Aperol is 11% ABV and Prosecco is 12%). To lower the alcohol content even further, use proportionally more lemonade and less Aperol and Prosecco.

Aperol spritz recipe

What to serve with your Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz is usually called aperitif. Aperitifs should be served before meals to whet the appetite. They’re usually slightly alcoholic and dry rather than sweet.

Serve your Aperol spritzer with Italian or general appetizers with a Mediterranean taste. Remember, Aperol is on the bitter side. Salty, creamy / fatty and sweet foods take away the bitter taste.

Here are some simple options that can be combined well:

  • Olives or shredded olives with almonds, celery & parmesan
  • Goat cheese, fresh mozzarella or burrata with crusty bread (maybe with olive oil and / or good jam)
  • Fresh fruits like grapes, oranges and strawberries
  • Caprese skewers or Mediterranean tomato and feta dip
  • Popcorn drizzled with olive oil (why not?)

best Aperol Spritz

Please let me know in the comments how you like Aperol Spritz Cocktails! I love to hear from you and hope that these fizzy cocktails will become your summer drink on the terrace.

In the mood for more refreshing cocktails? Here are some of my favorites, and you can check out all of my cocktail recipes here.

  • Bellinis
  • Classic red sangria
  • French 75s
  • Fresh margaritas
  • Moscow mules
  • Mimosa

Aperol Spritz Cheers

Classic Aperol Spritz

  • Author: Biscuit and kate
  • Preparation time: 3 minutes
  • Total time: 3 minutes
  • Yield: 1 cocktail 1x
  • Category: cocktail
  • Method: Gutters
  • Kitchen: Italian

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Learn How To Make A Classic Aperol Spritz! These fizzy Italian cocktails are refreshing and so easy to make. Aperol spritzers are best made individually. So there is a cocktail in the recipe, and you can make more if necessary. Bottom up!


Per cocktail

  • ice
  • 3 ounces ((1 Part) Aperol
  • 3 ounces ((1 Part) dry prosecco
  • 1 ounce (a splash) club soda or unflavored sparkling water
  • Orange slice for garnish


  1. Add ice to a wine glass until it is almost full. Pour the Aperol (I usually look at it and pour it until I’ve filled about a third of the glass).
  2. Pour in the same amount of Prosecco. Give your drink a dash of lemonade and add a slice of orange. Enjoy!


Make it less bitter: Use less Aperol and more Prosecco.

Make it less juicy: Use more lemonade and less Aperol and Prosecco.

Recommended equipment: I love the stemless wine glasses (affiliate link) shown in these photos. They are my daily drinking glass and I almost never break them.

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