Both Pfizer and Moderna, two pharmaceutical companies tasked with providing a vaccine for COVID-19, have reported that their results are more than 90% effective.

Pfizer shared their news on November 18, saying that their vaccine had a 95% success rate and that they would try to clear it up soon. As documented by the Seattle TimesPfizer is currently preparing, together with its partner BioNTech, to officially ask the US whether the vaccine can be used immediately.

In the meantime, Moderna has completed studies in the UK and Brazil and found the vaccine to be highly effective in preventing COVID-19.

“No hospital stays or serious cases were reported among the study participants. [We] will now immediately prepare for regulatory submission of the data to agencies around the world that have a framework for conditional or early approval, ”says Moderna’s study. “The company will request an emergency list from the World Health Organization for an expedited route to vaccine availability in low-income countries.”

The groups first to receive the vaccine are health care workers, first responders, and key workers. If everything goes as planned and the Food and Drug Administration has yet to debate the results, Pfizer’s vaccine could be launched as early as December.

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