Let’s use this moment to celebrate the milestones along the way as we await the results of the 2020 presidential election. By November 4th, Joe Biden had received over 70 million votes for the US presidency. This makes him the most elected candidate of all time. The previous record was set by Barack Obama in 2008.

We must also point out that there are even more ballots to count in the following states: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and North Carolina. In the referendums, Biden is currently at the top with a whopping 72,263,868 CBS news. President Trump stands behind him with 68,508,167 votes.

The referendum is not the most important thing, though, although it is directly linked to the electoral votes, which ultimately help determine who will be the next president. Biden leads the vote there too, with 264 votes to President Trump’s 214. The winner of the race and President will be the first to reach 270 votes.