Tessica Brown debuts new smile (Photo)

On Friday, Tessica Brown showed off her new smile with new teeth.

Tessica Brown posed in a pink top and a diamond necklace around her neck and showed her new smile. She put a title on the photo: “So in love with my NEW smile .

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As you know, Tessica Brown was the talk of the Innanets after using Gorilla Glue to style her hair. She was later unable to wash it off. Eventually, Tessica Brown’s requests fell to a Dr. Up in Beverly Hills and he could remove the glue.

As previously reported in an interview with @NypostTessica Brown said the money she wanted to donate from her GoFundMe was inaccessible.

“You’re not even going to share it with me because a lot of people called and said it was a fraudulent account,” Brown said.

“Every time you look at it it says it is being examined,” added Tessica Brown.

Originally, the account was set up to only receive $ 1,500, but it exceeded that number and $ 23,000 was raised.

After Dr. Having removed the glue above and built a fan base, Tessica decided to donate the money instead.

“I want” We can go to Dr. Donate Above “… and I’ll donate the rest of that to three families in St. Bernard Parish,” Tessica said.

Tessica Brown added, “This is going to be pretty annoying because who can say this was a fraudulent report? For one thing, Dr. Obeng of St. Bernard Parish brought me to Hollywood when I saw the sign saying this to me as if this man didn’t have to do any of that. ”

A GoFundMe spokeswoman said she was “working with her to withdraw funds.”

The spokeswoman also said: “Before the withdrawal, she must clearly state on the campaign page how she intends to use the funds.”

According to The Post, Tessica said she updated her page to reflect how she would use the money. However, it hasn’t been updated to show their plans to donate to a charity.

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